New-Age Modern Kitchen Ideas

There is no easy way to define what modern bespoke kitchens actually is. Everyone has personal preferences, so what is modern to you may not be attractive to anybody else. In many cases, modern means up-to-date and sprinkled with touches of sophistication. Simplicity is, however, also a strong factor. Rather than trying to define what a modern kitchen is, here are some ideas to bring modernism to the room.


One of the most important characteristics of modern kitchen is space-saving design. It means you get all the functionality and features from the otherwise bulky utensils or decorations, but without the commonly associated clutters. There are many things you can do, for examples:

  • Remove unnecessary items such as pendant lights. If you need the lighting, replace them with recessed lights instead.
  • Appliances that occupy wide areas should be replaced with something that goes neatly in drawers.
  • Use full-height cabinets with open shelving to get the practicality benefits.


Do not underestimate the power of colours. Most people focus on changing their old-fashioned appliances with the shiny modern ones, but the result is not quite as expected because they pick the wrong colours. The colour of modern appliances is somehow related to being understated; black and white are always safe, but accents of bright primary colours such as green, red, or blue are welcomed as well. Many high-end kitchen utensils are made of stainless steel, with shiny or brushed colours which get easily highlighted by black & white background.

Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks Meblbourne
PICTURE FROM Innovative Glass Splashbacks Melbourne

To infuse all those colors in seamless combination, glass splashbacks are the materials of choice. Kitchen glass splashbacks are clear, bright, sleek, and flat. They bring a sense of luxury kitchen without breaking the bank. They are also easy to clean, making them both practical and strongly decorative. Another good feature of glass splashbacks is that they are heat-resistant. During hours of exposure to high temperature, they will not change colors and textures. In short, glass splashbacks are modern because they are practical and worry-free kitchen design to keep you away from expensive maintenance.

Smart Touchscreen Refrigerator

We have to admit that it is not really a modern kitchen unless you have modern appliances as well. One of the latest additions in the smart-and-connected technology market is smart touchscreen refrigerator. Unlike any regular fridge, this appliance is Internet-enabled and has quite powerful computing power to help you handle everyday tasks such as keeping a record of food inventories and calendar events.

Some smart refrigerators have the good screen too, allowing you to display family photographs in the slideshow. Smart refrigerators are still made of metal materials, so the color should match the entire theme. This appliance is inevitably the most highlighted item in any kitchen design.